This Is A Useful Household Item That Can Accommodate Your Special Culinary Concoctions As Well As Being Functional For Numerous Other Uses.

In this video marketing series, Facebook presents 12 different functions of the platform as they relate to real-life user scenarios, such as the need to turn notifications off, add a friend to a group, unfollow your over sharing friend, or use a sticker to express feelings that don't quite translate into words explained in the video above. Read the full article » 3 Mobile Video Marketing Distribution Tactics To Get Past Ad Blockers Wednesday, August 17 2016 | Web Video Marketing Council Ad blocking technologies is not a new thing, but the use of video ad blockers is expected to grow exponentially over the coming years. It's still a unique and inspiring video like many of their others, and the “everyday heroism” theme is intact, but it goes beyond the brand's typical athlete persona. A web LLapp videos is a denna hemsida great way to demonstrate key features of your app. Quality branded video campaigns allow companies to project said story in some really creative and unique ways.  We hate it when a price changes for searingly no reason. As on-line video continues its inimitable rise, it's an interesting question to ponder. In 2016 we'll see video selling emerge as a common practice in more and more markets. 3.

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This invention was designed to make it quick and easy to get both ketchup and mustard on food with no fuss. It consists of two separate containers joined together in one bottle, each with either ketchup or mustard. When squeezed, it spreads an even amount of both condiments on the food, neatly and cleanly. The Equalizer is a great invention for all condiment lovers. "Whenever I go to a restaurant, movie theater, picnic, tailgate party, or any event where I can enjoy a hot dog or hamburger, I prefer to put both ketchup and mustard on my food, says inventor Lisa H. My invention, that I have currently dubbed the Equalizer, allows me to conveniently dispense both of these popular condiments quickly at the same time in equal amounts. The single, squeezable container is divided into two chambers on the inside and can dispense your favorite flavorings through a single spout. This is a useful household item that can accommodate your special culinary concoctions as well as being functional for numerous other uses. So stay neat and squeeze faster with the Equalizer!" The Equalizer is a condiment invention that combines to separate containers, one with ketchup and one with mustard, into one bottle that expels both when squeezed.

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